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This is a heavily modified fork of rhyst/idasen-controller.

The IDÅSEN is an electric sitting standing desk with a Linak controller sold by ikea.

The position of the desk can controlled by a physical switch on the desk or via bluetooth using an phone app.

This is a command line interface written in python to control the Idasen via bluetooth from a desktop computer.

Set Up


The desk should be connected and paired to the computer.


python3.8 -m pip install --upgrade idasen

On Arch Linux, there is an AUR package:

yay -Syu idasen || paru -Syu idasen

Developers Install

Development is done with poetry, a virtual environment manager. First, install poetry using their guide.

Then install all the packages using poetry install:

poetry install

To install this package locally build it then install with pip:

poetry build
python3.8 -m pip install dist/idasen-0.4.0-py3-none-any.whl


Configuration that is not expected to change frequency can be provided via a YAML configuration file located at ~/.config/idasen/idasen.yaml.

You can use this command to initialize a new configuartion file:

idasen init
mac_address: AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA
    sit: 0.75
    stand: 1.1

Configuartion options:

  • mac_address - The MAC address of the desk. This is required.

  • positions - A dictionary of positions with values of desk height from the floor in meters, sit and stand are provided as examples.

The program will try to find the device address, but if it fails, it has to be done manually.

The device MAC addresses can be found using blueoothctl and bluetooth adapter names can be found with hcitool dev on linux.


Command Line

To print the current desk height:

idasen height

To monitor for changes to height:

idasen monitor

To save the current height as the sitting position:

idasen save sit

To delete the saved sitting position:

idasen delete sit

Assuming the config file is populated to move the desk to sitting position:

idasen sit

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